Wyze Temp Revolution rotisserie temp sensor

Reduce risk of lawsuits and food-borne illness from undercooked meat with the Wyze Temp Revolution.

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Research shows that some food preparers serve up to 15-25% of rotisserie chicken undercooked. Even with manual temperature probes taken at the end of the cook, it’s possible for chefs to inadvertently serve undercooked meat to customers. This can lead to lawsuits worth millions of dollars or—at the very least—lead to unhappy customers.

To reduce the risk of serving undercooked meat, longer cook times are required. But this method doesn’t account for any variance in the product. Some meat may be perfectly cooked, while other portions are overdone and dry.

Food manufacturers require a solution that will give consistent, safe results. They need an easy way to record the food preparation data to meet FDA regulations.

The problems with other temperature probes…

Tethered probes are ineffective and costly

  • Cannot be used in conveyor ovens or rotisseries 
  • Cords break often, requiring expensive service calls and losing valuable cook time

Manual probe methods are inaccurate and inefficient

  • Thermometers placed too deep or too shallow give incorrect readings
  • Longer cook times are required by FDA to reduce risk of undercooked chicken

Battery-operated probes are dangerous

  • Batteries exposed to extreme temperatures will out-gas, creating dangerous conditions that require evacuation
  • In an average commercial kitchen, 10-15 rotisserie chickens fall apart per day, exposing the battery to extremely high temperatures

Wyze Temp® Revolution helps rotisserie food producers monitor and report real-time temperatures using the only safe, commercial, battery-free wireless probe on the market.

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Cook each product to the right temperature, every time.

  • Reduce risk of food-borne illness and expensive lawsuits
  • Reduce cook time and improve yield with more accurate, individualized readings
  • Improve customer satisfaction and trust
  • Continuous cooking operation no interruption of cook process to measure product temperature
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Safe and easy to use, by anyone.

  • Battery free design eliminates risk of dangerous out-gassing if meat falls off the skewer
  • Sensors at three depths ensure that the coldest part of the product is measured
  • Can fit the design, look and feel of any rotisserie, combi, cook and hold, or BBQ oven
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Reduce downtime with rapid 2-minute, contactless charge
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Improve reporting compliance and efficiency automatically.

  • Live monitoring display
  • Receive daily usage and compliance reports on the cloud
  • Save time and eliminate manual data entry error with automated, probe-specific readings
  • Automatically create cook reports and food safety reports in seconds

The Wyze Temp® Revolution System:

Whether you are a single oven restaurant, a multi-oven commercial operation that smokes meat, or an oven manufacturer the Wyze Temp Revolution System can be customized to meet your needs.

Wyze Temp Revolution rotisserie temp sensor
Wyze Temp Revolution features:
  • Designed for conveyor ovens and rotisseries where tethered probes cannot be used
  • Charges in 2 minutes for a maximum 24 hour operating time
  • Up to 16 temperature probes can be read simultaneously
  • Allows for continuous cooking operation
  • Tracks temps in real time through cooking and cooling zones
  • Wireless cloud integration
  • Unique serial number on each probe for FDA reporting

Wyze Temp® Revolution Temperature Reader

Contact us to custom-fit a temperature reader to mount to your oven. 

Retrofits Kits can be tailored for a variety of ovens including:

  • Hardt Rotisserie
  • Fri-Jado Rotisserie
  • Alto-Shaam Ovens
  • Ole Hickory BBQ Oven
  • Southern Pride BBQ Oven
  • Combi Ovens
  • Cook and Hold Ovens

Automatic Calibration Instrument Under development

Ensure your probes are 100% accurate, 100% of the time. Our calibration station makes it quick and easy to verify calibration of each temperature probe daily for FDA compliance.


Install the Wyze Temp® Revolution charger to rapidly charge up to 9 probes at one time. With a contactless, 2-minute charge, your next cook is only minutes away.

OEM Oven Reader

Oven manufacturers, offer your customers a wireless temperature probe with remote monitoring. 

Temp Sensor Specifications

Radio frequency: 2.4 GHz

Accuracy: +/- 0.25° C Typical; +/-0.75° C Maximum

Operating Temp: 0-300° C

Probe Measurement Temp: 0 – 100° C

Case: Conformance for food contact per EN1935/2004

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Body (overall): 9x14x150mm

Probe Tip: 5x9x100mm