Wyze Temp® Revolution was painstakingly designed for conveyor ovens and rotisseries where tethered probes cannot be used. Trusted by national chains of grocery retailers, restaurants, food processors and oven manufacturers for over 12 years, Wyze Temp® Revolution is poised to transform the food preparation industry with the only battery-free, wireless food temperature probe on the market.

Backed by excellent customer service and supported by an engineering team with extensive food industry experience, Wyze Temp® Revolution cares deeply for our customers, food quality, and food safety.

Employee monitoring rotisserie chicken temperature

Wyze Temp® System for Grocery Retailers:

  • Temperature Probe(s)
  • CHEF Display and Hub
  • 12-station charger
  • Digital records on the cloud

Grocery Retailers

National grocery retailers like Costco, H.E.B., and Sam’s Club prepare tens of thousands of rotisserie chickens daily. Customers demand a high quality chicken that is cooked thoroughly, yet retains the flavor and texture they love and expect. 

Using a manual temperature probe near the end of cook cycle is inefficient and often inaccurate. The manual method checks the temperature only at a single point. There is high potential for user error. To account for different sized products, a longer cook time is required, which dries out the smaller meats in the same oven. Reporting is often done by hand, which can also lead to errors.

The Wyze Temp® helps you give your customers a perfectly cooked product, time after time. Automated, digital record keeping reduces employee error and improves efficiency.

Sausage meat production

Wyze Temp® System for Food Processors:

  • Temperature probe(s)
  • CHEF Display and Hub
  • 12-station charger
  • Digital records on the cloud

Food Processors

Real time monitoring of food temperatures in the cooking and cooling process is integral to maintaining food safety during mass food production. Cooking time can be unnecessarily increased to account for variances in product size. 

Wyze Temp® enables food processors to monitor their products in real time. Multiple sensors in each probe eliminate user error, and can be used for cooking deli meats as well as whole muscle meats like rotisseries and briskets. More accurate temperature readings can reduce cook times without risking food safety. 

Automated digital reporting makes it easier to comply with FDA regulations.


Build your national brand reputation with properly prepared food that tastes delicious across all your franchise locations. Adhering to food safety requirements is of utmost importance for restaurants that want to avoid lawsuits, bad press, and loss of consumer confidence. 

Wyze Temp® Revolution’s patent-pending, battery-free temperature probe will help you reduce food waste and improve food safety — even with your most inexperienced chef running your kitchen. 

Whether your restaurant is using a combi oven, a rotisserie, or slow-cooking a brisket overnight, you can monitor your cook live, from anywhere. Our cloud based, automated reporting system will help you keep accurate records so you’re always ready for an inspection.

Chef slicing smoked beef brisket

Wyze Temp® System for Restaurants:

  • Temperature probe(s)
  • Rugged Tablet with CHEF software
  • Single probe charger

OEM Oven Manufacturers

More food production customers than ever are going wireless for ease of data collection and to save on service calls. Tethered thermometers are known for having cords that break often. Customers don’t want to wait for a service technician to repair their probe. The added expense reduces their bottom line in an already competitive market. Customers need ovens that are compatible with the latest wireless technology.

Build your customer base by including cloud connectivity with a built-in, wireless probe and reader that fully integrates with your oven design. At Wyze Temp®, we work with you to create a custom reader and probe. Oven integration software support is available through our committed customer service.

OEM rotisserie oven

Wyze Temp® O.E.M. Evaluation Kit:

  • Temperature probe
  • OEM Reader 
  • Single probe charger