Always Innovating

We discovered that rotisserie chicken was being sold under cooked and costing companies big money in legal fees. Food industries needed something entirely new that would make meat safer and reduce risk for businesses. Thus, Wyze Temp® was born.

Wyze Temp® is an innovative product line from Matrix Product Development, Inc. Matrix is a 22-year-old all-inclusive engineering company with experts in wireless technology with cloud infrastructure.

We are constantly innovating and implementing the latest technology through product design and development.

We’ve been in business over two decades because of our commitment to our products and our customers. We simply don’t give up. We lead technological innovation, creating revolutionary products that save our clients time and money through our constant search for faster, cheaper, lower-power gadgets. 

Feel free to reach out for more information about how Wyze Temp® products can help your business.

Meet Our Experts

Ron Pulvermacher: Founder and President 
BSEE – UW- Madison, Expertise – Sensor Systems

Dave Pulvermacher: COO
BSEE – UW Madison, Expertise – Wireless and Electronic Design

David Geissler: Sr Firmware Engineer
BSCS, Expertise – Cloud and PC Software, Embedded Systems

Wyze Temp custom tennis shoes

Our Values

Technology – We try to keep up with trends and stay close to the leading edge.

Stability – We’ve been in business 22 years and don’t give up on products or customers.

Leadership – We are leaders in technology and innovation.

Innovation – We are always on the lookout for faster/cheaper/lower-power gadgets and components and are not afraid to invest in new technology.

Authenticity – We do not beat around the bush but are open and candid with our clients.

Expertise – We have a lot of expertise under one roof and can handle almost any project.