The 3 Most Widely Used Grill Types

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The home grill and barbecue market is one of the hottest in the world, with total sales raking in 1.47 billion dollars in 2016 alone. Outdoor grilling has been a favorite American pastime since the early 1950s, but of course grilling as a way of cooking food goes way back. Today the three most widely used grill types are the Kamado/Egg style, gas, and regular charcoal grills.

Total Sales of 1.47 billion dollars in 2016

The Kamado style grill is modeled after an ancient Japanese earthenware cooking urn. The most popular of which is the Big Green Egg. These grills are superb smokers and roasters. Because they are so well insulated with layers of ceramic, they are great at holding steady temperatures. Prices for the most common 18” size start at about $850.00 and climb well into the thousands from there. Here’s a handy article on top Kamado grills so you can see for yourself. Some of them look like works of art to me.

A turn of a knob, the flick of a switch, and BOOM you’re cookin’

Gas grills are the top pick among the three most widely used grill types. As of last year, they still outsold charcoal grills. Devotees of these grills say they love them because they are quick, easy, and convenient. A turn of a knob, the flick of a switch, and BOOM you’re cookin’. Prices for gas grills run the gamut and most owners will tell you they’re well worth it.

Last, but not least of the top favorites, is the good ole charcoal grill. C’mon you know the classic that pops into mind is always the Weber Kettle. Heck, I had a bright yellow one for years. That thing was a tank and lasted until I moved and gave it to the new, young and gleeful, tenants. Fans say there’s a good deal to love about charcoal grills. They’re often affordable, no propane tanks to deal with, and because they require a little more work you are more invested in the cooking process. The rewards of a more distinctive flavor with that crispy outside makes it well worth the while. One staunch fan told me that he also uses his charcoal grill as a ‘poor mans’ smoker.

Still having issues picking a grill?  Check out this article for an in depth guide.

Remember, no matter what style grill sparks your fancy, it is crucial to monitor the temperature of your meats before pulling ‘em off the grill to consume.

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